Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Man my life is always full of drama - no matter what I do it always seems to find me lol…

Somewhere between 9:30 - 10pm last night we were laying in bed and could hear all this screaming and yelling coming from a man and a woman somewhere nearby right, swearing and fighting (physically) etc etc so us, along with all in our hood, are on our balconies having a peek…anywho when things like this happen, Mr.J hates me turning on the light cuz then “other people will see us staring” Not that it should matter because we can see everyone else who is staring!

Anywho, it started getting out of hand so I’m like right I’ll call the cops and Mr.J is like “good idea” - but of course, we’re in the dark. So I've walked over to where the phone is at the end of our bed (we were on the balcony through the bedroom) and I've tripped over god knows what, bumped a heap of shit off my chest of draws that landed on me and I landed with a thud in the suitcase on the floor - still in black as all hell….so anyway I cant find the fuckin phone in the dark and think “stuff Mr.J, I need some light!”

So I manage to get up out of my heap and stumble over to the bed to get my lil lantern that’s down the side of the bed. Of course in pitch black I cant find that either and fall down the side of the bed onto my bin….After flailing my arms back and forth all over the floor, I eventually get my lantern, grab the phone and I go out into the hallway making sure no one can see the light lol and call the cops…Anyway after I'm done I think…”god my foot hurts - I must’ve really banged it when I fell…” I go out into the kitchen, turn on the lights and inspect! Yep, it looks fine, still hurts though……I turn it around to inspect under my foot and whatta ya know, I've sliced open my toe!!!

The pictures don’t do it justice - I was sitting on the kitchen bench and couldn’t pull my toe back far enough to get a good enough shot plus the gash was filling up with blood and I took them with my phone which is shit quality without excellent lighting haha but its really deep - Mr.J reckons close to the bone lol, it bloody killed but I couldn’t stop laughing cuz it was the funniest fall ever haha I wish I’d seen it lol!!

Anywho so I wasn’t sure if I’d need stitches or not so Mr.J cleaned it up with some dettol and warm water and I just called the hospital and I said “look I don’t wanna drive all the way to you guys or whoever if your just gunna clean it up and put a bandaid on it cuz I can do that so whats ur medical advice?”

So she told me to keep it clean, dry and stay off it for 48 hours (that’s 10pm wed night!!!!!!) that’s also when I'm next rostered on for woollies!! They’re gunna be pissed lol!! Anywho she said in terms of whether or not I’d need stitches she’d have to see it to judge so I'm gunna get mum to look at it when she gets in and if we think I need to we’ll go to the docs!!

But I rang Boss at woollies last night and said “Look I've just done this and I'm meant to keep off it for 48 hours cant wear shoes etc etc I may or may not be able to work on Wednesday night” and he goes “Well just ring S or M on Wednesday and let them know and that way I’ll have enough time to do something about it if you don’t come in” So I'm like alright cool.

Showering this morning proved to be a challenge as I can’t get my foot wet….I thought to myself even with a plastic bag tied around whilst standing up the water could easily drip down and onto the bandage so I strapped 2 plastic bags around it, wrapped it in a towel and I showered sitting down with my foot out the door - the problem was I kept sittin on the drain hole haha it was like a mini bath!

I also discovered I had to drive with my left foot this morning - it hurts too much to use my right foot it - just putting all that pressure on it was aching…it was so awkward I probably looked like an idiot at some stages of my drive hahahaha Well anyway nurse-mum has been and fixed me up…gave it another clean with some betadine and re wrapped it….it looks as though its closing up by itself so I wont need stitches I just need to keep off it so that it doesn’t pop open hahahha eewwww!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's only 9:30am and Im Already Having "one of those days"...

Ok So lately I've been having troubles getting out of bed and I’ve been rather late to work these past couple of weeks so yesterday my new plan of attack was to set my alarm half an hour earlier - that way if I sleep in for half an hour I'm still waking up on time…good plan right??

Ok so I set my alarm for 5:43am this morning…I vaguely remember it going off, I put it on Mr.J's pillow and fell back to sleep, knowing I had at least another 15 or so mins before I should seriously start waking up…that means my alarm would go off 4 times and since I was already half awake each one should wake me up a lil bit more and by the fourth I'd be that annoyed by the sound of it that I'd get up…I rolled over again and there was no alarm noise but I looked at the time and it was 7:24 holy fuck I'm late again!!!! That means the alarm must of gone off about 6 times and I didn’t hear one of em!!!!!

Ok so up I get, I ring Mr.J, get a lecture about always being late blah blah blah winge winge winge, I didn’t say anything cuz I was still half asleep anyway then he goes “so r u going back to bed” and I'm like “why would I go back to bed” idiot! Anywho I figure its best if I don’t shower - I don’t stink so I'm fine, so I just brushed my teeth, applied ample amounts of deodorants to the places it counts the most, got dressed and took off.

Now last night on the way back from my parents I ran out of petrol completely - right on the red line and the fuel light was on so I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the servo where I usually fill up so I went to the one up the road and just put ten bucks in to get me to my usual servo- I know it takes up more time stopping for fuel twice but the petrol station up the road is shit and more expensive (it was $1.12, the usual one was $1.00 today) ok so I fill up n hit the road…anyway I called Mr.J after about 15 mins cuz I hate arguing before working and I only have one hour with him tonight before going to work again so I rang and he apologised straight away and the only reason he gets frustrated is cuz he doesn’t want me to run myself into the ground (which is pretty much what I'm doing anyway) but hes worried etc etc we’ll figure it out, all is good. OK so I get to the usual servo and fill up. Now while I'm filling up I think to myself there are 3 things I need to do when I get inside, the first is pay for my petrol;

“number 1 please”
that’ll be $37 (or whatever it came to)

& the second thing I need to do…get two $30 optus recharges for me n Mr.J;

“and can I also have two $30 optus recharges please”
oh I'm sorry I cant do that for you
“why not”
because the machine isn’t working but if you like I can ring another station cuz we’re the same and you can get it from them
“um no I'm going in the other direction that’s too hard don’t worry about it ill pick it up somewhere else”
ok that’ll be $37 please

Ok so I pay, get in my car and drive off…. “shit - what was that third thing I had to do???” I got so confused with all that recharge crap that I completely forgot!! Oh well I'm sure it was nothing too important!

OK so I get to the street my work is on and I remember that at the top (the end I drive into) there is a whole bunch of shops, maybe there will be a shop there where I can buy credit!! And there is - a newsagency - Awesome!! So in I go…there's an old lady at the front organising some kind of purchase - the guy behind the counter is asian so neither one can understand each other so it goes on for a while both apologising for taking fucking forever at various intervals during it all - what the hell I'm already 30 minutes late!!! Ok so after about 10 minutes of their bullshit she finally leaves! My turn!!

“Can I please have 2 $30 optus recharges please”
>searches through the cards…………….<
no I'm sorry I only have one
“ok well what other denominations do you have for optus?”
>searches some more…<
um…$50 and $15
“ok so give me one $30 and 2 $15’s please”
ok that’ll be $60 please!

Before I pay something catches my eye on the $15 cards….. it says “$15 gives you $50 worth of credit. This is a $15 14day recharge card” That means I'd have $50 worth of credit but only 14 days to spend it - that just wont do…the whole point of us both getting credit is so Mr.J can call me just after 6am and give me a wake up call and force me out of bed to prevent the continuing lateness I am suffering from!!! We can call each other on free time and there is NO WAY we'd spend $50 worth of credit in just 14 days, for gods sake! So I told him not to worry about it and he goes

ok that’ll be $30

“um no I don’t want one I want two”
we don’t have two we only have one
“exactly which is why I don’t want to buy anything from you”
but we have one
“yes but I'm still going to have to go and buy the other one from somewhere else so I might as well buy them both together. Goodbye”

So I leave - I'm now 40 minutes late!!!

I get to work, pull up, the finance controller has taken my parking spot - AGAIN!!! So I park elsewhere…as I'm parking the car I get a massive grumble in my stomach - I'm starving because usually I'd get to work at 8 and would have finished eating by this time…then I remember what the 3rd thing was that I wanted to do at the second petrol station…get $20 cash out so I can buy some food! Great so I'm 45 minutes late to work, I still don’t have credit and I have no food and no money! I don’t even have enough church change to scrounge up something for the vending machine! Fucking great!

But wait - there's more.

Ok so I go upstairs and wash up my coffee mug - like I do every morning and I'm busting to do a wee so I head to the loo while I'm up there….now every month, when my period is due, its usually due on the Wednesday of the week, so that week I wear a liner every day until I get them just incase they come a day early or late or incase I don’t have a chance to go to the loo and notice that I have them when they come on a Wednesday…because I was in such a rush to leave the house this morning I didn’t remember they were due today and so I didn’t put on a liner….so guess how happy I was this morning to find out that they had arrived!!?? SO now to top off everything I have period pain, PMS (which I've had all week anyway) and cravings - that I cant satisfy because the vending machine doesn’t take VISA!!!!!!!!!

And while adding this note, the coffee truck arrives - good, when I had a cry to mum this morning about my bad day she gave me a cuddle and told me she'd give me some money so I can buy some things...good I'll get some banana bread from the coffee truck....Um no, no I wont...I CANT FIND MUM!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I’ll try and keep it short and sweet but I am disturbed to say that it seems as though I have stumbled upon an epidemic…or another plague possibly…but not moths this time…CRICKETS!!

Now as much as I hate crickets I'm not scared of them like I am with moths, but they still fall very strongly under the “I Hate Bugs” Category of my life.

Has anyone else noticed this Cricket Epidemic, or am I the only one?
I am aware that the boring sport of cricket has taken our TV’s hostage over the past few months…or years…I dunno it feels like its always bloody on but that doesn’t mean we need to have the bugs around 24/7.

At work last week (Woolies), I noticed about 3 throughout my shift, inside and outside the building. Then Friday night at home Mr.J said there was a grasshopper in the house - I didn’t see it, but thinking about it now, it must’ve been a cricket - a large cricket and a small grasshopper can have quite a few similarities and plus we live on the top floor of an apartment building and therefore we have no grass so I'm almost certain it would’ve been a cricket, and I saw one on the balcony on the weekend. Then also on the weekend I noticed more and more out and about and then today at work (day job) I noticed at least 5 along the one corridor!!!

While it is very scary and disturbing to see so many of these retched creatures around, I am a little bit calmed by the fact that besides the one Mr.J saw in the lounge room on Friday night, every single one of them have been dead…its like a Dead Cricket Conspiracy.

That is all for now as I have nothing else to say about the matter but if you have noticed this D.C.C do let me know and also if you find out any information explaining the D.C.C please, be sure I’m the first you tell.

Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Door

I need to open up about something that is really disturbing me…and I cannot explain it…I’d really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this as I am completely puzzled.

All my life, from child hood to now, I have had what I could only describe as a recurring dream. The only thing about this dream is that in this dream I can be with different people or a different person, and it’s not always the some place. The main ‘theme’ of the dream that makes me call it a recurring dream is that at one point in the dream in whatever place or location or building or room that I am in, there is a secret door. Not a human sized door…it’s a lot smaller but I can still fit through it.

Anyway, always in these dreams when I proceed through this door I find myself entering the most beautiful place imaginable. Everything is white – pure, clean, bright white and tidy and its just so breathtakingly beautiful…its quite hard to explain it properly, I’m sure what you’re imagining now is no where near as spectacular as this place is in my dreams but it’s a place where you would expect angels to live – it’s a heaven and a haven and it has a warm feel about it and a sort of soft glow…

There is never anyone else in this place, just me and whoever I am with in the dream. But each and every time I have this dream, which I think I’ve had easily over a thousand times, every time I find The Door I say to whoever I’m with “OH MY GOD!! I’ve dreamt of this place so many times before but now it’s real! I'm really here!!!’ and each time, the dream feels real, so real! And every morning, I wake up and realise that it wasn’t real. Again it was just a dream. I’m always left feeling sad that it wasn’t real but at the same time I feel a strange comfort in my waking life after having been inside this special realm in my dreams.

It is like another realm, almost, and its not just one room, it is a whole place…it has gorgeous bathrooms, and lounges and sitting areas and there’s always a white grand piano somewhere and just so many things that in my waking life I cant begin to describe but each time I have the dream, and each time I think its real, its all there and its all just so beautiful.

Just off the top of my head some places where I have been in my dreams where I have found The Door have been the markets – The Door was just sitting on a shelf, at my nanna's house – the door was in her closet (although in my dream her house was not actually anything like her house in real life), someone’s wardrobe – The Door is usually up high, on the top shelf of the wardrobe, in a room in an apartment building – I cant remember where I found the door in this dream…but when I see it, I always know it is “The Door”.

Anyway, two nights ago I had the dream again. I was at a house with two friends. I can’t remember who they were and I can’t remember who’s house we were at – it was either my parents house, or one of my friends houses. But again, as always I thought it was real life – it felt real and I was saying to my friends “oh my god, I can’t believe I’m here, The Door is here and this time it is real! This time I know its not a dream!” and last night The Door was at the top of the parents wardrobe…because I can’t remember who’s house we were at I don’t know if it was my parents wardrobe or my friends but it was a house I had never been in before in real life. But anyway I went to go to The Door but my friends were trying to talk me out of it but I was saying “Its OK, I’ve dreamt of this place millions of times before, everything will be OK but we HAVE to go inside – I’m so close now. This is it!” but they didn’t want me to go in. Anyway next thing I remember another friend appears, I think it was Ivy (My Bestie <3 agreed.="" and="" at="" believe="" betty="" don="" door.="" go="" her="" i="" its="" k="" know="" lets="" looked="" me="" ou="" p="" real="" said="" says="" she="" t="" the="" through="" you="">
We left our other friends and headed for the bedroom where The Door was waiting…I don’t know why but the moment had this feeling of urgency…like I was running out of time to go through The Door…so we hurried along and we made it. I started moving things in the wardrobe so I could get to The Door only when I got there, The Door had shrunk…now it was too small…about the size of a Chinese take away container…I tried to open The Door but it seemed jammed…I couldn’t open it properly…I tried to get in and I couldn’t. I tried going feet first. I thought if I put a small part of my body, such as my foot through The Door then it would make it grow bigger again – back to its normal size, so I could go through but it didn’t work, I couldn’t get in.

I felt heavy when I awoke and could hardly budge…I was weighed down by a feeling of disappointment and there was a strong feeling of despair washing over me and I am so deeply disturbed by the fact that for the first time in my life I couldn’t get through The Door.

Why couldn’t I get through The Door?

I need to figure out what the dream means, what the meaning of The Door is, what the meaning of this special place is and why, for the first time in almost 22 years, I could not enter my secret world.

Your thoughts are extremely appreciated.


Thursday, September 25, 2008


OK so in my previous blog, I was prompted to blog about such a topic because of an attack that i was subjected to by a moth this morning down near security at work.

WELL - When Security Officer tried to kill the moth for me first he tried to spray, and as we know - to no avail. Then he tried to capture it but the bastard just wouldn't be caught! So in the end he managed to smoosh it with a tissue!!

Now, I said to Security Officer this morning, "Make sure you smoosh it completely - don't let it live! You have to smoosh its guts out - literally...break its neck....whatever you have to do to ensure its dead!!"

And he said "I promise you, its dead!"

And I said "Well you'd wanna make sure cuz if its not, then you've just pissed it off and put it in the bin in your office, giving it easy access to come back for you!"

I was just down there talking with Security Officer and guess what???


I know this shit! Robots - or Aliens!!! they can only be destroyed by complete mutilation!!!

Moth Season is Approaching...

Oh No…its that time of year again…
Just a quick heads up for those that don’t know me or might be new to my blog scene, I have a ridiculously massive, massive, massive, humungous fear of moths.....
Yes that’s right, moths. Those ugly furry things that fly around and I know it sounds silly…and at times I think, “yeh im fine with it, it doesn’t bother me, they cant hurt me, whatever” but when I am face to face with one I just freak out!!
I’m sure you all remember last years Plague…for those that did not read about that, be sure to check out my older entries:

º Update on … THE PLAGUE
º OMG Scary Stuff

I am still haunted by the plague…I still have nightmares about it sometimes…or sometimes when I’m at work, and there’s no one else around, I feel as though it might be happening again, like they are watching me from the dark shadows, waiting to make their move…
There was an incident at work this morning, there was a big ugly moth on the wall near where I sort the morning mail…I quickly ran into security’s office and had Security Officer kill it for me…he didn’t want to do it but it was the only option to save me.
The thing is the only way you can really kill them is by squashing them! As gross as it sounds no amount of mortein or bug-killing-spray-stuff will work…sometimes it may paralyse them for a few moments - they fall to the ground and flail around for a bit but then within seconds they are back up and flying around only this time, they’re angrier! And they know you’re after them so they are even harder to catch!!! I think they are robots of some kind - or aliens…
I can’t say im not worried about this summer, because, that would be a lie. I am worried…even though I have been told by many people that last years plague is something that doesn’t happen every year and to be honest besides last year, I cant remember the last time we were hit with such a plague so that’s comforting in one way - on the other hand though, it still disturbs me to know that at some stage in my life in the future, this could happen again. SO I think in the meantime I need to come up with some kind of super power bug-killing-spray-stuff that works first time, every time…maybe it could cover them in the spray and then the liquid eats away at them and then they explode! That way I would know for sure that they were dead…(I’ll take any suggestions thanks)
While I do love this time of year for the warmth and longer days, I hate the moth season and of course, Christmas beatles!! Especially those really big chunky green ones…scary!
Anyway, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there…and I hope you can all protect me this summer from the moths.
Peace Out
~ºBetty Boopº~

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Boogie Man


Here I am.
Trying to be a grown up.
Trying to handle being home alone.

Went to the shops. Got some wine. Ordered Indian. Ate.
Sat down on my bean bag. Began to study.
No music... No TV… Silence…

I hear keys.

I don't worry. I hear keys all the time. My apartment door is right next to the communal elevator.

The keys get louder.

For a moment I think Mr.J has come home early to surprise me. I stop and think.

I have his keys.

The key is now sliding in the lock. There is someone there.

They are turning the key. They push on the door. I start to sweat. I can feel the panic rising in my entire being….Thoughts start racing through my mind. Did I lock the door? Did I take my keys out of the door? Who the fuck is there?

I want to scream at them. I want to say something. Anything. I have no words. I have no voice.

I hear them. Turning the handle. Trying the key again. Shaking the door. It wont budge.

Will it?

I race down the hallway. Grab the phone from my bedroom. Jump in my wardrobe. Call my mum. There is nothing she can do. She is miles away.

I turn on the TV. Loudly. I call the police. I call Ms.K.

"someone is trying to get in"

"im on my way"

I pack a bag. Drink more wine. Smoke a cigarette. She arrives. The police arrive. Nothing they can do.

We leave.

I am safe.

Goodbye Boogie Man

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What About Ben?

What about Ben?

Computer nerd


Mid - 20's

More sex appeal in his little toe than some guys have in their whole bodies

Yet not the sexiest guy out there…

What is it about Ben that people cant seem to get enough of

Everyone wants his attention

Everyone loves to flirt with him

He loves to flirt with everyone

But if it's with you its always so much more meaningful right?

He's always on her mind

He see's the way she looks at him

She see's the way he looks at her

Is he just being playful

She doesn't know

She quivers when they make eye contact

She feels a pulse where she shouldn't

She wants him

He lingers in her thoughts

She dreams about him

Naughty dreams

She wants him even more


What power does he possess that all the others don't

No one knows

No one will ever know

For he has left


He may return again

He may not

But he will forever be in her mind

In her head

In her dreams

But what about Ben?
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