Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moth Season is Approaching...

Oh No…its that time of year again…
Just a quick heads up for those that don’t know me or might be new to my blog scene, I have a ridiculously massive, massive, massive, humungous fear of moths.....
Yes that’s right, moths. Those ugly furry things that fly around and I know it sounds silly…and at times I think, “yeh im fine with it, it doesn’t bother me, they cant hurt me, whatever” but when I am face to face with one I just freak out!!
I’m sure you all remember last years Plague…for those that did not read about that, be sure to check out my older entries:

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I am still haunted by the plague…I still have nightmares about it sometimes…or sometimes when I’m at work, and there’s no one else around, I feel as though it might be happening again, like they are watching me from the dark shadows, waiting to make their move…
There was an incident at work this morning, there was a big ugly moth on the wall near where I sort the morning mail…I quickly ran into security’s office and had Security Officer kill it for me…he didn’t want to do it but it was the only option to save me.
The thing is the only way you can really kill them is by squashing them! As gross as it sounds no amount of mortein or bug-killing-spray-stuff will work…sometimes it may paralyse them for a few moments - they fall to the ground and flail around for a bit but then within seconds they are back up and flying around only this time, they’re angrier! And they know you’re after them so they are even harder to catch!!! I think they are robots of some kind - or aliens…
I can’t say im not worried about this summer, because, that would be a lie. I am worried…even though I have been told by many people that last years plague is something that doesn’t happen every year and to be honest besides last year, I cant remember the last time we were hit with such a plague so that’s comforting in one way - on the other hand though, it still disturbs me to know that at some stage in my life in the future, this could happen again. SO I think in the meantime I need to come up with some kind of super power bug-killing-spray-stuff that works first time, every time…maybe it could cover them in the spray and then the liquid eats away at them and then they explode! That way I would know for sure that they were dead…(I’ll take any suggestions thanks)
While I do love this time of year for the warmth and longer days, I hate the moth season and of course, Christmas beatles!! Especially those really big chunky green ones…scary!
Anyway, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there…and I hope you can all protect me this summer from the moths.
Peace Out
~ºBetty Boopº~

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