Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing Laundry

So I was doing some tidying tonight, just putting away laundry, and felt inspired to blog.
And you can pick yourselves up off the floor now, I didn’t decide to do housework on my own accord…Mr.J asked me to :P

Anyhow, as I was sorting through the piles that were there and forcefully trying to shove them into the already over-flowing allocated shelf spaces, it got me thinking…Do I really need all these clothes?

I know I’m a hoarder but I like my clothes and obviously, I still get use out of them, although some don’t fit quite as well as they used to.

Nowadays I spend my time slothing around the house in nanna knickers and a dressing gown all covered in spit up food, dribble and sometimes, a little baby poo (hehe), so when I do actually venture to the outside world, sometimes I like to put a bit of effort into how I look…sometimes! But being on a budget (that I can’t afford), I don’t often spend too much money on new clothes and any new clothes I’ve bought lately are size 0 and therefore a tad too small for me, so I do often fall back on some of my old favourites from my 9-5 days and theme them with casual jeans and some nice heels but going through some of the items I’ve been seen in lately it did occur to me that some don’t fit as well as they used to…since having a baby, my tummy has expanded a little, don’t even get me started on the size of my breasts and well lets face it, I’m not 18 any more!

A Love Story With A Happy Ending

It was Winter, two thousand and three when cupid was hard at work. A young man and a young woman were destined to meet...

On a cold wintery night, Betty Boop met Mr.J. It was love at first sight.

As the months turned into years, the two fell more and more in love with each other with every passing day.

In Summer, two thousand and six, they took their relationship to the next level and moved in together. From there, things only got better.

As time went by their love only grew stronger.

October two thousand and eight, spring time. On a boat under the evening sun somewhere in a far away land, Mr.J knelt down on one knee, took Betty by the hand, looked deep into her eyes and proposed marriage.

In no rush to wed, the two were content with their engagement and still madly in love, but both felt as though there was one thing missing from their lives.

They wanted to be a family.

Two thousand and nine, April, their lives were soon to be fulfilled, with all their dreams come true. For Betty would soon deliver the news, that the baby they longed for was due.

Friday two thousand and ten, January Eighth - Noon.
Brought into this world with ten fingers and ten toes. Weighing in at 8.12 pound and 52cm long, Muffin was born.

What was once a duo, has now become a trio and a new journey has begun.

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