Friday, January 11, 2008

My Boogie Man


Here I am.
Trying to be a grown up.
Trying to handle being home alone.

Went to the shops. Got some wine. Ordered Indian. Ate.
Sat down on my bean bag. Began to study.
No music... No TV… Silence…

I hear keys.

I don't worry. I hear keys all the time. My apartment door is right next to the communal elevator.

The keys get louder.

For a moment I think Mr.J has come home early to surprise me. I stop and think.

I have his keys.

The key is now sliding in the lock. There is someone there.

They are turning the key. They push on the door. I start to sweat. I can feel the panic rising in my entire being….Thoughts start racing through my mind. Did I lock the door? Did I take my keys out of the door? Who the fuck is there?

I want to scream at them. I want to say something. Anything. I have no words. I have no voice.

I hear them. Turning the handle. Trying the key again. Shaking the door. It wont budge.

Will it?

I race down the hallway. Grab the phone from my bedroom. Jump in my wardrobe. Call my mum. There is nothing she can do. She is miles away.

I turn on the TV. Loudly. I call the police. I call Ms.K.

"someone is trying to get in"

"im on my way"

I pack a bag. Drink more wine. Smoke a cigarette. She arrives. The police arrive. Nothing they can do.

We leave.

I am safe.

Goodbye Boogie Man

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What About Ben?

What about Ben?

Computer nerd


Mid - 20's

More sex appeal in his little toe than some guys have in their whole bodies

Yet not the sexiest guy out there…

What is it about Ben that people cant seem to get enough of

Everyone wants his attention

Everyone loves to flirt with him

He loves to flirt with everyone

But if it's with you its always so much more meaningful right?

He's always on her mind

He see's the way she looks at him

She see's the way he looks at her

Is he just being playful

She doesn't know

She quivers when they make eye contact

She feels a pulse where she shouldn't

She wants him

He lingers in her thoughts

She dreams about him

Naughty dreams

She wants him even more


What power does he possess that all the others don't

No one knows

No one will ever know

For he has left


He may return again

He may not

But he will forever be in her mind

In her head

In her dreams

But what about Ben?
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