Monday, December 31, 2007

OMG Scary Stuff!!

So I'm not working today-which is great-I woke up and did a bit of house work and then I was outside having a smoke and I saw a MOTH in the crack of the glass door (on the outside luckily) but all the same it was a moth and I knew that if I left it there - it was going to attack me (because that's what they do)!

So, I came in and sussed out my plan of attack…I was going to open the screen door just enough to fit my arm and a can of mortein through, then spray the shit out of it with the mortein and then really quickly and stealthily shut the door so it wouldn't fly at me or fly in the house….. Sounds good right?

Ok Action Time!!

I opened up the screen door wide enough to fit my arm through...

I lined up the mortein…

And then I sprayed and sprayed at the moth...

But all of a sudden it flew (somewhere) and my military confidence vanished, I freaked out and then the screen door fell off the hinges!!!

I didn't get to see where the fuckin moth went and I couldn't re attach the door…….OH GOD!!So I had to hold the door – reach inside and grab my phone to ring Mr.J and find out how to put it back on…

He said I need to be on the outside and then slide the top bit in first and then the bottom would slide back into place!

This meant I would have to venture outside...who knows where this moth could be hiding...

So I placed the door against the wall, ran back through my house and into my bedroom and went out side from the bedroom door… I then started slowly creeping along my balcony – keeping watch for the moth incase it didn't fly away and it was hiding, waiting to makes it move…when the phone rang and scared the shit out of me forcing me to bolt back inside through the bedroom door only to get tangled in the curtains and fall onto the bed and then roll off that and onto the floor…

Sheesh! What a day!!

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