Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Man my life is always full of drama - no matter what I do it always seems to find me lol…

Somewhere between 9:30 - 10pm last night we were laying in bed and could hear all this screaming and yelling coming from a man and a woman somewhere nearby right, swearing and fighting (physically) etc etc so us, along with all in our hood, are on our balconies having a peek…anywho when things like this happen, Mr.J hates me turning on the light cuz then “other people will see us staring” Not that it should matter because we can see everyone else who is staring!

Anywho, it started getting out of hand so I’m like right I’ll call the cops and Mr.J is like “good idea” - but of course, we’re in the dark. So I've walked over to where the phone is at the end of our bed (we were on the balcony through the bedroom) and I've tripped over god knows what, bumped a heap of shit off my chest of draws that landed on me and I landed with a thud in the suitcase on the floor - still in black as all hell….so anyway I cant find the fuckin phone in the dark and think “stuff Mr.J, I need some light!”

So I manage to get up out of my heap and stumble over to the bed to get my lil lantern that’s down the side of the bed. Of course in pitch black I cant find that either and fall down the side of the bed onto my bin….After flailing my arms back and forth all over the floor, I eventually get my lantern, grab the phone and I go out into the hallway making sure no one can see the light lol and call the cops…Anyway after I'm done I think…”god my foot hurts - I must’ve really banged it when I fell…” I go out into the kitchen, turn on the lights and inspect! Yep, it looks fine, still hurts though……I turn it around to inspect under my foot and whatta ya know, I've sliced open my toe!!!

The pictures don’t do it justice - I was sitting on the kitchen bench and couldn’t pull my toe back far enough to get a good enough shot plus the gash was filling up with blood and I took them with my phone which is shit quality without excellent lighting haha but its really deep - Mr.J reckons close to the bone lol, it bloody killed but I couldn’t stop laughing cuz it was the funniest fall ever haha I wish I’d seen it lol!!

Anywho so I wasn’t sure if I’d need stitches or not so Mr.J cleaned it up with some dettol and warm water and I just called the hospital and I said “look I don’t wanna drive all the way to you guys or whoever if your just gunna clean it up and put a bandaid on it cuz I can do that so whats ur medical advice?”

So she told me to keep it clean, dry and stay off it for 48 hours (that’s 10pm wed night!!!!!!) that’s also when I'm next rostered on for woollies!! They’re gunna be pissed lol!! Anywho she said in terms of whether or not I’d need stitches she’d have to see it to judge so I'm gunna get mum to look at it when she gets in and if we think I need to we’ll go to the docs!!

But I rang Boss at woollies last night and said “Look I've just done this and I'm meant to keep off it for 48 hours cant wear shoes etc etc I may or may not be able to work on Wednesday night” and he goes “Well just ring S or M on Wednesday and let them know and that way I’ll have enough time to do something about it if you don’t come in” So I'm like alright cool.

Showering this morning proved to be a challenge as I can’t get my foot wet….I thought to myself even with a plastic bag tied around whilst standing up the water could easily drip down and onto the bandage so I strapped 2 plastic bags around it, wrapped it in a towel and I showered sitting down with my foot out the door - the problem was I kept sittin on the drain hole haha it was like a mini bath!

I also discovered I had to drive with my left foot this morning - it hurts too much to use my right foot it - just putting all that pressure on it was aching…it was so awkward I probably looked like an idiot at some stages of my drive hahahaha Well anyway nurse-mum has been and fixed me up…gave it another clean with some betadine and re wrapped it….it looks as though its closing up by itself so I wont need stitches I just need to keep off it so that it doesn’t pop open hahahha eewwww!!

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