Monday, November 3, 2008


I’ll try and keep it short and sweet but I am disturbed to say that it seems as though I have stumbled upon an epidemic…or another plague possibly…but not moths this time…CRICKETS!!

Now as much as I hate crickets I'm not scared of them like I am with moths, but they still fall very strongly under the “I Hate Bugs” Category of my life.

Has anyone else noticed this Cricket Epidemic, or am I the only one?
I am aware that the boring sport of cricket has taken our TV’s hostage over the past few months…or years…I dunno it feels like its always bloody on but that doesn’t mean we need to have the bugs around 24/7.

At work last week (Woolies), I noticed about 3 throughout my shift, inside and outside the building. Then Friday night at home Mr.J said there was a grasshopper in the house - I didn’t see it, but thinking about it now, it must’ve been a cricket - a large cricket and a small grasshopper can have quite a few similarities and plus we live on the top floor of an apartment building and therefore we have no grass so I'm almost certain it would’ve been a cricket, and I saw one on the balcony on the weekend. Then also on the weekend I noticed more and more out and about and then today at work (day job) I noticed at least 5 along the one corridor!!!

While it is very scary and disturbing to see so many of these retched creatures around, I am a little bit calmed by the fact that besides the one Mr.J saw in the lounge room on Friday night, every single one of them have been dead…its like a Dead Cricket Conspiracy.

That is all for now as I have nothing else to say about the matter but if you have noticed this D.C.C do let me know and also if you find out any information explaining the D.C.C please, be sure I’m the first you tell.

Thank you for your time.

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