Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ode to No One

" No Words "

i wanted to write You an ode, a final message of truce and love but i couldn't. the words, they would not come to me, they would not come because they were not there.

they used to be there, i used to be filled with a hope. a hope that one day we would be how i always wanted us to be, a hope that You would appreciate me and accept my love for You.

i had You high up on a pedestal for so long. i tried everything i could to be accepted by You, to be loved by You but You always threw it back in my face. i wanted so much for us to be together in a way that only we could be.

to have that special bond i forever dreamed of.

it's never going to happen. and i know that now, after years of heartbreak, years of tormenting myself.

im giving up now.

im sick of trying, im sick of wanting, im sick of waiting for a fairytale to come true.

You have never wanted it, i have wanted it from the start, but we have never been, we will never be.


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