Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Broken, Shattered and Red Havanas

I hate people touching my things!! I don't know why…I've been like this ever since I was a child I'd have friends over and they'd want to play with certain things - especially my fragile ornaments and bits and pieces on my shelves (they were high up on shelves for a reason!!!)

Anyhow, for those of you who actually know me personally, know that when Mr.J and I moved out together, or would you say moved in together? Well I guess it was both really. We each moved out of our parent's home and into a home of our own… Well anyway shortly before we moved in, I fell in love with a dinner set. And not just any dinner set…It was around the time when the white square dinner set was popular, only this was a BLACK Square dinner set. Oh it was divine…anyway for a four-piece setting (4 big plates, 4 small plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs) the total price was $50.00 or there about…Well Target was having a huge sale one week and that exact dinner set was on sale for HALF PRICE!!! That's right! What a bargain. So being that we were moving in a month before my birthday, I thought it would be a bloody brilliant idea to get Mr.J's parents and my parents to each buy me a set for my birthday - that way I would have a full dinner set!

Soooooo….that Saturday I thought being a sale item, it might go quick so I should ring before I go and get two sets put aside. Talk about an understatement!!! I rang EVERY TARGET IN SYDNEY! Seriously - I printed the listing off the internet and rang em all!!!!! They were alllll sold out! I was so depressed! I actually cried!

Anyway all boo-hoo's aside, a few weeks later (by this stage we had been living in our new home for a week or two) Mr.J's dad rang me. He told me that Kmart was going to be having a sale that week and that my dinner set was on sale for half price again! So he said he'd go there first thing the morning it starts and pick up two sets for me.

He got there at 8am that day - and they were already almost sold out! There were only three sets left - AT 8 IN THE MORNING!!! So hey I wouldn't be surprised if someone is reading this and has the same dinner set as me hehe. Anyway he got the sets for me and I was soooo happy.

So, you say, What do the above two stories have to do with each other, and if they're old news, why am I bringing this up now…? I will tell you why I am bringing this up now…I will tell you, after I get back from the bathroom (I have to pee)

….... ...... ... ... ... ... ...... ... ... ... ... ...... ... ...Hangten... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

OK Im back and ready to talk…Last night, dinner was cooking (we did the whole lazy-oven-food-dinner), I was on the lounge enjoying a glass of a delectable Tempus Two Botrytis, and Mr.J was in the kitchen getting some plates ready for when we served up dinner.

Now we had been lazy the past couple of days, so all our plates were either in the dishwasher or on the sink ready to go in the next load of the dishwasher. Now, the dishwasher had not long finished its cycle so when Mr.J went to take out a plate, it was rather hot. He quickly put it on the bench and kissed his fingers better *giggles* I said "aww, what's wrong baby?" he said "its fucking hot, I burnt my fingers" I laughed and said "Well dur - be more careful next time silly" (oh aren't we just so lovey-dovey and sickening hehe)

And then it happened.

What happens when you touch something so hot that it burns you with such excruciating pains…you stop touching whatever it is that is burning you…

So what happened, when Mr.J went to grab the second plate out of the hot dishwasher? It was extremely hot. It burnt his fingers. He let go…

HE LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DROPPED MY FUCKING PLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made the loudest smash all over the floor (I was so scared!!!)

I ran into the kitchen I looked at the floor…it was everywhere…tiny pieces of shattered black ceramic all over my white floor.

HE BROKE MY PLATE!!! Just looking at it, I felt physically sick - I could feel the vomit rising in my throat it was the worst thing to see I couldn't handle it…I re-filled my wine glass and left the room, fighting to hold back the tears…

Now in all seriousness, all jokes aside, I was quite surprised by my initial reaction (before I saw the remains of what was once a beautiful black ceramic square dinner plate), it really shocked me because the very first words that fell out of my mouth were "omg baby are you ok" 'WHAT?' You say, 'IS SHE SERIOUS?'

I KNOW! It shocked me too!! Normally in those kinds of circumstances, the first thought would usually be something along the lines of, "now, once ive picked up the sharpest piece of my broken plate that he broke, where shall I slice him open first?" As much as I love him and all - I really, really, REALLY hate people touching my things - especially when they break things…and Mr.J brakes things…he broke one of the mugs that came with that set shortly after we got it, he broke both my Dragons Breath shot glasses-and they aint just any shot glasses, and now this…I mean OK, im not going to stop him touching these things of course - otherwise then id have to do the dishes all the time - god forbid, no I wont take Mr.J's housekeeping responsibilities away from him, he is a very good boyfriend in all aspects so I don't want to do that - I guess that's why my first thoughts were to be worried about him - after all he was barefoot (and pregnant *giggles*) in the kitchen so I guess I didn't want him to hurt himself, although I did step on his barefoot with my shoe (by accident) afterwards, but ohhhh my plate…Anyway, so he cleaned up the mess and by this stage dinner was ready. So picture this - we're standing in the kitchen, we've just served up dinner and we needed to get some cutlery. Now like our plates etc, it was either in the dishwasher or in the sink waiting to go in the dishwasher…and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse…I look into the dishwasher, as Mr.J was pulling out some knives and forks and I look over at one of my bowls (black, square, ceramic, beautiful) and it has a giant freaking hole chipped into the side of it!!!


"Oh…" *sheepish grin* "when I dropped the plate, it sorta, kinda landed on the bowl before smashing onto the floor…sorry"

I nearly had a heart attack. Not only did he smash one of my plates, he half smashed up one of my bowls too!!!

Oh it was just so horrific. I was silent all through dinner, mourning the loss of one of my dinner set members…Anyhow, after I finally got over the shock of my loss, I started thinking a little creatively - with the broken smashed up piece of my plate, when im feeling bored and creative, I can smash the plate pieces up into even small pieces and create something with mosaics. I might even go and buy a few more plates to smash up (different coloured of course). So I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Although when taking the bad with the worse - I will now never be able to have an 8 person dinner party.

So anyway on another note, I had this really weird dream last night, that I went shopping to buy a pair of Havana thongs. Now anyone that knows me knows I don't wear those surfy kinda thongs. I wear Pierre Fontaine's but anyway in my dream I was shopping for a red pair of Havana's - but it was so strange because I lived back at my parents house, and the shops that I was looking in where the cake mine and Video Ezy - but neither of them had my size…the cake mine only had small (I guess I needed like small-medium) and I cant remember what happened in Video Ezy - infact I don't think I got that far…I ended up passing this clothing store that sold really pretty gowns….and then im not too sure what happened next but I think my mind got bored and wandered into another dream.....

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