Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Terrifying Ordeal

I think I can say that my Thursday morning started off on the worst possible foot ever!! In fact…I wouldn't even call it a foot! Oh god…it was so terrible…I shall start from where it all began……………….

*sparkly, pretty, twinkley, flashback music*
It all started last night. Mr.J hasn't been feeling the best lately so I went shopping on my own. And so that my house keys were not seen through my car windows I hide them in a little secret compartment that I have in my car…

Anyhow, I finished shopping headed home, Josh met me in the carpark, we took the shopping up, locked up, had dinner n went to bed.

So Mr.J gets up pretty early for work and he was gone by about 4:30 / 5 o clock this morning. So after I'd had my shower, packed some things for food for the day and put my shoes on ready to leave…I remembered that as there were no visitor bays left in the car park last night - I parked in our garage. So I thought to myself "well better make sure I've got the house keys ready" this is because the garage key-where my car is-is on the same key ring.

After a few seconds of failed searching I started to panic. I couldn't find my house keys….the longer it took me to look meant the later I got to work and the later I get to work means less time I have to go to the shops, buy what I need to buy for breakfast and lunch and be at work on time. So you can just imagine me frantically searching the bags and the kitchen for my house keys when all of a sudden it dawned on me. I started remembering what I had done the night before…my house keys were still locked tightly away in my secret compartment in my car…HOLY CRAP!

My keys were locked in the car which was locked in the garage that I did not have access to because my garage key is on the key ring for my house keys which are locked in my secret compartment in my car which is locked in the garage which I don't have access to because………………

And as you can see I FREAKED OUT!!! This has been one of my worst home-related nightmares since Mr.J and I moved in together. And I have always joked that it'd be cool if it happened because then I could have the day off work BUT I COULDN'T!!! Mum (whom we all know works with me and is my back up for me being away) IS IN BANG COCK! SO I HAD TO GO TO WORK….But how? Oh god…just thinking about it frightens me - it was just terrible…I rang my boss who lives about half way to my work and told her the 'situation'. She said if I could….*headspin* CATCH A BUS, she could pick me up and take me to work with her……oh god…I feel faint right now….You see the thing is, I don't do public transport…and the other thing is, I have never EVER in my life caught a bus on my own……IT WAS SO SCARY!

Ok so I rang this transport information line to find out which bus and where would I need to catch this bus to get to somewhere near my boss. He told me which one and said that it stopped out the front of a real estate not far from my street apparently…so I grab all my shit (and I always have a lot of shit - I can never seem to travel lightly - even to work) and I start my journey.
Its cold and slightly windy, my bags are heavy, and because my shoes are getting on a bit, they're not as tight as they used to be and because I'm wearing stockings its making me slip in my shoes when I walk up the hill. Right so it was 8:14 and the bus was to arrive at 8:19. So I started walking along the line of shops looking for this real estate agent. Now I don't really know this area that well yet - but I am pretty familiar with the shops and I don't remember ever seeing this one. So im walking along - thinking it couldn't be all that far away from my street because that's what the guy on the phone said….I've probably walked about 10 shop lengths down the street when I see it. Stopped at the set of lights. The Bus. Heading in my direction!! OH CRAP! So I had to turn around and start running. Running with my heavy bags and my slippery shoes. Running past the arcade entrance, past Elders Real Estate, past the youth centre, past the Asian shop, past the computer shop, past Dominos, past the hobbie shop, past the petrol station, across the road……and I made it - only just! And luckily there were other people waiting for the bus so it gave me time to catch up - and I almost slipped over and lost my shoes a couple of times….and guess where the fucking bus stop was? Right at the very top of my street just in front the traffic lights! And ya know what? THERES NO FUCKING REAL ESTATE THERE! None!

I was not happy. So on I get. Now as I said, I have never done this on my own before so I was very nervous - I was also hot, sweaty, red faced and out of breath from chasing this freaking bus! So I say to the guy "*suburb* please" now I always thought it cost like $1.60 to catch the bus…and he said something that I thought sounded like "$2.90" I thought geeze, that's a bit much, but I gave him $3 anyhow…and he said "no , no niiiinnnnne teeeee" and im like "ninety what?" and he's like "nine" and im like "nine dollars for a bus ticket?" I tell ya I was about to turn around and go home! But then another helpful passenger - one that could speak English advise me that it was in fact $3.90 for the ticket! FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS! For a twenty minute bus ride? What a fucking rip off! And not only that, but that $4 was the money I was GOING to use to get my bread roll and tomato for my breakfast and lunch (to go with the ham that I packed).

Anyway, so I sit on the bus, I sat at the very front seat so that I didn't have to walk past people and I put my bags next to me so that I didn't have to sit next to some stranger and I sat there until I reached my destination.

Oh there were so many freaks on the bus I was terrified. I didn't know how to get the bus to stop where I wanted it to, I didn't even know if it was the right bus or if it would take me to where I needed to get off - which to be honest, even I wasn't sure where I needed to get off!!!

Anyway all in all I got to work safely…only all I have for breakfast and lunch is a few slices of ham!!! Woopy fucking doo! I don't have a car to get to the shops and I don't have any money to get to the shops!

Man oh Man.

What a day!

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