Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A bit of toilet humour to start the day

So I figured (read hoped) that my period (that started on Friday) was finished and decided to live on the edge and just wear a liner today.

Well I've been at work half an hour and think to myself "Self - I think you were wrong and mis judged the end of your period" bugger.

And of course, my tampons are in my other handbag.

So I emailed another female in HR and asked if she could come cover for me so I could go to the bathroom and could I borrow a tampon.
A very embarrassing ask as I barely know this woman but my boss is away so I cant ask her.

Anyway, I have this silly phobia of not being able to go to the bathroom with other people present.

So of course, as I sneak into the bathroom, tampax in tow, it's just my luck that the door to the first stall be closed and occupied. Bugger.

So I sit there waiting for a while...trying to pee but nothing happens...But there's silence. So I'm guessing that this woman must've been mid #2 and I've interrupted her and she's probably waiting for me to finish so she can finish.

As I sit there begging my bladder to work, the door opens and another lady walks in.


Eventually, the third lady starts to wee and my bladder eventually follows suit - and just as well because I'd been in there for a while doing nothing.

Female #3 finishes and leaves. I finish and leave....As I walk out to the hand washing area something catches my eye...I walk back through to the toilets and that's when I notice what I didn't notice upon my rushed entry.

The door to stall #1 is slightly ajar........there was no body in there. I'd been sitting on a toilet, afraid to pee for fear of the invisible person hearing me.....

Oh dear

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