Friday, June 3, 2011

As a Working Mum, Am I Entitled to "Me Time" ?

I find myself asking this question because each day, I wake up at ten to 6, Muffin and I enjoy a morning boobie feed in my bed together and then I get up and get ready and go to work.

I finish at 12:45 but by the time I catch the bus and actually get home it's about 1:45.

Mr.J goes to sleep when I get home and Muffin and I spend the afternoon together.

We breast feed and play games, have a snack (and sometimes lunch if she slept through lunch time with Mr.J). We read books, have nappy changes and go for walks.

I sometimes do a load of washing and sometimes do some tidying in the kitchen, but it depends on how clingy Muffin has been on any given day.

We eat dinner around 6-ish, followed by our shower and finish our night off when I breastfeed her to sleep.

Yet even though on weekdays, I only get a mere five hours with her, I still can't help but sometimes want to squeeze in some "me time".

Like tonight for instance, Mr.J is sick at the moment so he hasn't done the grocery shopping so I felt like being lazy and cooked a frozen pizza for dinner.

Muffin was enjoying some tv time so I used this as an opportunity to sit on the kitchen floor, listen to music on my iPhone while browsing FB and BH and warm my back on the oven door while indulging in a sneaky piece (or 3) of chocolate and a glass of water.

But I don't feel bad about that. Muffin wasn't interested in playing with me and it was just nice to sit and just be still and quiet.

It did make me wonder however, if I "deserve" to take "me time" on weekdays since I don't get to spend my mornings with Muffin and I miss her terribly.

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