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My Pregnancy Journey

Id just like to start by welcoming you to the wonderful experience I am currently having and to thank you for being part of it :)

I will be keeping a pregnancy journal for my own piece of mind but will be sharing it with Facebook & my blog so feel free to be a part of it. Because I have been pregnant for almost 3 months now, I did start my journal a while ago so this first entry will be a big one...of all previous entries rolled into one, then from here on in, each will be its own.

06-May-09On the 29th of April, I took a pregnancy test & it was positive.

Mr.J and I had decided that we would start trying after our engagement party on the 28th of March.

A few weeks later, when I constantly needed to wee, I took the test, expecting it to be negative – after all, my period wasn’t due for another week. After the first positive, I took another to confirm it.
The next day I went to the doctors where they did another urine test, which had a very faint, yet still present ‘positive’ line.
Because I detected the pregnancy so early, she said I needed to come back a week later, after my ‘period had been missed’.

So tomorrow I will be going to the doctors for a blood test to confirm that yes, I am pregnant.

05-May-09Over the past few days, I have noticed that I get a wave of nausea wash over me around 4 – 5pm & anywhere between 10pm and 12am.

I have also started becoming increasingly tired & lethargic, especially in the evenings, even if I've slept all day. Apart from those symptoms, and the still needing to wee a lot, I have no other symptoms just yet.

I have been taking the Elevit for Folic Acid and in turn, they have made me have bad tummy cramps like I need to break wind a lot.

Also today, I craved a coke (I hate coke and haven’t drank it since I was young), so I had a coke. I think it must be because coke has caffeine in it and even though I hate coke, maybe my body subconsciously thought it’d be a good way to get caffeine since I haven’t had any all week…except for the short black I had with lunch on Sunday.

My moods have also been a bit up and down…I thought it was PMS but apparently its just my hormones!

07-May09Woke up today with an urgent need to poop. By the time I got to the loo, nothing happened. Damned Folic Acid!!

Took another pregnancy test – again struggled to pee on the stick. And yes, it is still positive. It’s a faint line though, but a line is a line.

I went and had the blood test today and man did they take a lot of blood!! They also wanted to do another urine test – I did not know this was happening…and again, I could not pee in the cup! Why can I not pee on stuff?
Anyway, I get the results back tomorrow and that will check that I'm healthy inside.

08-May-09Got my results back today. I am pregnant! I also discovered my blood type is 0+ , I never knew that before. And its good to know that I don’t have Hepatitis or HIV but I do have a low immunity to Reubella and will need that shot once bubs is born. I have an ultrasound booked for 8am Monday 18th.

So far the only new symptoms I have is that I have a heightened sense of smell – certain things are smelling more obvious to me lately.
At work last night, I could smell the tomatoes inside the cans. And the night before that in the spice section, all I could smell was cinnamon…

12-May09So tonight I noticed that my boobs are getting bigger…they are huge right now and its only the beginning haha.

17-May-09Argh!! Mood Swings! Damn Hormones!

I am getting very bad mood swings and poor Mr.J is having to put up with it. For the most part he is doing OK but I have to admit, I am pretty mean sometimes.

Well, I'm entering week 7 based on the calculations of the first day of my LMP. Still trying to work out the date of conception. All the calculators online say about the 18th – which could very well be the date. I'm going for my 1st ultrasound on Monday so that should also give a clearer date of conception which will then give me a more accurate time frame as to how pregnant I actually am.

Still no morning sickness…fingers crossed!!
Will tell mum and dad after my U/S. According to TJ (sister), mum is already suss, but seems OK with the fact that I “might be” up the duff.

OH GOD – My parents will now know I'm not a virgin anymore…

23-May-09So I told my parents on Thursday. They took it well, although it still didn’t feel real to me. Sure, its more people to talk about it with but it still didn’t make it feel real. Tonight I am staying at mum and dads house and at about 11:30pm I went to the loo to pee for the five thousandth time and noticed there was blood.
It wasn’t heaps, just a bit of spotting but it was still blood! Mum said not to worry and that its perfectly normal and to just keep an eye on it and it should all be fine, but those first few moments, when I first saw the blood, that felt real. I really am pregnant, for the first time since I found out, over a month ago, it now feels real. That sense of fear, that was real.

13-June-09Well its been a while since my last entry because, well…not a lot is happening. The folic acid is still making me constipated and my appetite is still really crazy but other than that, I'm just fine and the spotting stopped.

I did have a small car accident two weeks ago but there were no injuries to me or bubs and Black Betty only has a few small scratches – more battle scars to add to the list.

I have my first appointment booked with Dr Paul (my ob/gyn) on Tuesday, which I am looking forward to. Once he has checked me out and is happy that all is going well, I will finally make it official. I will announce to everyone, anyone and no one all at the same time, that I am pregnant!

It will be so great to finally have it out in the open and be able to talk about it properly

14-June-09It seems that today is not a great day to be pregnant…or at least me.

15 minutes after going to bed at 3am, I started feeling nauseas. Haven’t felt that in about 3 or so weeks, but this time it lasted for about an hour. I eventually fell asleep shortly after 4am but then woke up at 6am with severe indigestion and heartburn. My nose then started bleeding – backwards, so I was spitting up blood. I’ve had 2 hours sleep, I’m exhausted and I think I might be getting a cold…

16-June-09 (2am)Just a few more hours to go till my appointment with Dr Paul. I’ll get to hear the hearbeat – I am sooo excited!!
Although I found out tonight that they do “internal” checks…Better wear nice undies hehe. Then once Dr Paul is happy that all is as it should be, I will finally be announcing it to the world! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
Well, better get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day

17-June-09Well we saw our little baby for the first time and it is just so cute! It has sprouted little arms and was dancing around in my belly. We have also started telling people now which is a massive relief! Its so great to make it official. We are so happy.

At the moment, I am somewhere around 10/11 weeks.
We didn’t get to hear the heartbeat but that will come with time.

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