Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Brings Out The Best in People

Wondering whether or not to put up your Christmas tree yet? I say DO IT!!!  Why should we only have one month to look at our beautiful trees and decorations! I absolutely LOVE sitting by my pretty sparkly twinkly fairy lights on the Christmas tree as I unwind for the night, snuggle Muffin before bedtime, or have my early morning coffee in the wee hours of the day when it's still darkish! I'm not religious or very be honest, I'm quite the Scrooge, but there is something about those beautiful lights and warm decorations that gives off a sense of love and warmth. Knowing, and actually feeling the joy it brings the little people in the world, remembering the magic of believing and the joys of my own childhood and Christmas hell with this 1st of December - 1st January rubbish! I don't know about others, but I like to savor these feelings and emotions and memories.  So I'll put my tree up proudly as early as I want and I'll procrastinate to take it down for as long as I want. Because the magic of Christmas can bring out the best in people and brighten others from the inside when they really need it the most!

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