Sunday, December 14, 2014

Poached Chicken with Grilled Asparagus and Satay Prawns

Makes 1 serve
Total Prep & Cooking Time: 20 minutes

(can be modified to larger quantities for more servings)

1 Chicken Breast, sliced in half lengthways (so it’s not so fat)
4 Fresh Asparagus Spears
Approx 12 Prawns, cooked and peeled (if you’re lazy like me)
2 Teaspoons Peanut Butter (smooth or crunchy, whatever you prefer)
1-2 cloves garlic finely chopped (or squeeze some blobs out of those fresh herb tubes)
Fresh lemon juice

2 Cups Chicken Stock
2 Cups Water
Olive Oil
3 Teaspoons Thyme
Salt & Pepper to taste
Bearnaise Sauce


Mix peanut butter, 2 teaspoons olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and ¼ of the garlic in a small bowl. Add prawns and mix till coated. Cover and refrigerate.

Prepare 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon of thyme and 1 teaspoon of the stock liquid in a small bowl and set aside. Preheat grill.

Combine stock, water, thyme, S&P and the rest of the garlic in a sauce pan. Bring to the boil. Add chicken, return to the boil.

Reduce to low heat and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

Remove from heat. Stand chicken in liquid for 5 minutes. During this time, evenly spread chilled prawns on a sheet of baking paper in one side of the grill. Place asparagus on grill tray in the other side. Lightly brush asparagus with oil and thyme liquid.

Grill for 5 minutes – turning each item halfway through.

Drain chicken, spread with a thin layer of béarnaise sauce.

Layer with asparagus and prawns and serve.

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