Friday, September 10, 2010

Scary Start to the Morning

So here I am this morning, sleeping peacefully in bed when all of a sudden, I'm woken by this god awful noise!

In my sleepy state, it took a few moments for me to realise it was the smoke alarm...right outside Muffin's room!!!

I leaped out of bed and raced down the hallway and into her room to check she was fine, she was. But as I made my way out into the living room i could smell smoke of some sort.

I called out for Mr.J, but when I got no response I realised he wasn't home yet...the smoke got stronger as I made my way past the kitchen to the front door...

Just as I was about to open the front door to see if I could see any smoke, a person appeared from my hallway!!

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I shouted and jumped back into the corner.

Why the hell was there a person in my house at 7:30 in the morning? Lots of thoughts kept running through my mind, my heart was beating through my chest, all I could think about was hot to get past this person to get to Muffin...How had I gotten past this person to get out of the hallway in the first place? HOLY SHIT maybe they were in Muffin's room?!?!

After a few moments of all these thoughts going through my mind at a million miles an hour I remembered something...

Mum slept over last night.

It was her in the hallway...I didn't pass her in the hallway before because she was in the bathroom getting ready for work.

it was her crumpets burning in the toaster that set off the smoke alarm.

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