Friday, April 30, 2010

Crouching Betty, Hidden Moth

Even though it’s no longer moth season, they are still out there and they are still finding ways to let me know they are out to get me!!

While I was out today, I decided to stop to pick up some lunch at the Baker Street shops. As I pulled into a parking space I called Mr.J to ask what he wanted when all of a sudden a giant teradactle-sized moth flew in the window at the speed of lightening, it was coming for me and it was angry (I know this because it was yelling expletives at me) I screamed in a panic and dropped my phone. I was just about ready to jump into the backseat when something stopped me.

Was it courage? Was it the killer moth? NO it was the back of the car…I WAS IN THE UTE!!! There was no backseat…there was no where to go!!!

So with the smallest ounce of courage I found scrumbled up on the floor amongst some rubbish, I reached past the moth and started winding up the window!! I wound with the stength of a hundred men.


It was gone…BUT WHERE?

I knew it wouldn’t have gone far…did I kill it? That, I didn’t know. But I knew it was somewhere waiting for me.

Anyway, with all the dignity in my little toe, I schooched over the hand brake and jumped out from the passenger side…I wasn’t taking any chances.

I slowly creeped around to the other side of the car and had a peek…I knew it was still there, but where? I couldn’t rest until I knew its whereabouts. Then I saw it…smooshed under the window. Ok so is it actually smooshed or is it just sitting there waiting for me to let down my guard??

Not wanting to take any chances, I didn’t put the window down the whole trip home and I practically sat in the passenger seat for fear of it creeping through the glass to attack while I was driving.

Anywho some time passed and Josh decided to go out for a little while. We both had forgotten about the moth.

When I remembered it was there, I called him to see what happened.…

“It was still alive” he said.


Mr.J said it wasn’t actually smooshed but was trapped in between the rubber seal and the glass but didn’t die…Like I have said before, peoples! These are no ordinary moths! They are some kind of mechanical killing beast and they are out to take over the world, one human at a time…starting with me!

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