Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moth Related Update…

This is just a quick update on the moth-status to keep you all informed of the twisted mind games these retched creatures play and to keep you all alert and prepared for anything.

So as you know from my previous blog, there are two moths hiding in the elevator at work…well, not hiding very well as I know they are there.

Anyway, they have been there for some time now, a week or two maybe, taunting me each time I enter…last week for a split second I thought the elevator broke down while I was trapped in there with them and I envisaged the front page of the next days Herald… “Young pregnant woman mauled to death by killer moths lurking in the dark places of the elevator” Horrific I know…luckily though, the elevator was not broken and I managed to escape!!

Ok so here I was thinking they weren’t very smart because they weren’t hiding very well and I could see them. I have noticed over the past few days that they have had some movement as I've mentally marked their positions in my mind and some days I go in and they’re in a different spot to where they were the day before…

However, it was brought to my attention tonight, that these killer creatures are actually a lot smarter than I give them credit for.

They must be aware that I know of their location…perhaps they have a facebook spy stalking my profile, reading my blogs…either way, somehow, they know that I know where they are and now it seems they have taken to drastic measures to keep their cover from being blown…So take this all as a warning peoples, things are not always as they seem….


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